Omatsu Zenjitsu no Yoku GXP-Ban 0

A full-color collection of character sketches and notes.
Please note that pages four and twelve may not be work safe and might induce nosebleeds (esp. 12).

Inside Front Cover

Seina Yamada and a mystery boy

Young Kiriko, Seina, and Kai

Seina's mother and little sister

Kiriko babysitting and bathing the boys

Kiriko Masaki, all grown up

Amane Kanauq, at work and at play

Ryoko Balouta and Mitoto Kuramitsu

Airi Masaki and her faithful Wau Erma

The Academy presents "School, Wau, and You!"

Kamiki Seto Jurai, the "Oni Hime" of Jurai

Kanemitsu Hirata, his wife, and Minaho Masaki

A view of Minaho Masaki we don't often see

Inside Back Cover

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