Omatsu Zenjitsu no Yoku GXP-Ban 2

This doujinshi is a collection of initial design sketches that Mr. Kajishima did for GXP, as well as commentary. Itís an interesting look into how some of the GXP backgrounds and settings were developed.

Please keep in mind that the descriptions in this section may or may not have anything to do with the actual text, but the fact that the web designer is an incurable, unrepentant smart-aleck might have something to do with them.

Inside Front
Kiriko and Amane having a "girl talk"

Amane opens the book with an impressive landscape

Masaki Airi of the Galaxy Academy and her "office"

Masaki Airi in her quarters with her hair down

It's not easy being rich and beautiful, but Amane copes

The Academy--it's not much, but we call it home

Plenty of walking room to get where you're going

The "Yamada Infirmary Wing" is open all hours

Convenient shopping available for all your needs

And you can buy anything you like at Airi's Restaurant

Amane and Kiriko doing undercover surveillance

Did we mention the spacious walkways at our mall?

Plenty of convenient parking available all the time

Our food court caters to every known taste and kink

And let's not forget our convenient mass transit system!

At the end of a long day, try our hostel facilities!

The mysterious Noike makes a sketchy appearance on the final page...

As always, we end our book with the Cabbits Kawaii

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