Tenchi Muyo: GXP4 Novelization

These pictures come from the recently-released novelization of the series. Thank you to oni_shin for scanning and sending them to me!

Please note that some of these illustrations might get you jail time in many states.

Airi's lunch problem

Cleaning guaranteed!

To the rescue.

The Girl from JURAI

"Do your best for Jurai, my dear!!"


Seina finds out what Airi does with those who call her "obaa-san"

Hakuren volunteers for hazardous duty -- Seina's personal body servant.

"Did I ever tell you how sexy a guy with a bandage on his forehead is?"

The plan to reduce the male population to mindless twits is successful!

Ryouko is disturbed by Captain Komachi's constant winks and innuendo.

Karen demonstrates the Seto Maids' Licensed Tongue Cleaning Action!

"Well, is it my fault mindless twits don't know what to do with a woman?"

Seina is baffled by the interplay in "Spaceship Agga Ruter".



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