True Tenchi Novels:

The story begins just after "Here Comes Jurai", with the Royal Family still visiting the Masaki household.

L to R: Funaho's younger sister, Funaho, Misaki, Azusa, Masaki (sister of the First King of Jurai)

Amaki Mitsuki Jurai and Masaki Azusa

Masaki Azusa Jurai is on a "warrior's quest"...also called "Getting as far away from that Grimalkin as I can!"

In the aftermath of his battle with Kagato, Tsunami comforts a wounded Azusa with a comforting, familiar guise

A young Earth woman named Funaho peeks in on a recuperating Azusa.

GP Officer Yotsuka Kazuki meets Masaki Amame Jurai

Azusa asks Seto to take him to Jurai and train him.

Kamiki Seto quickly bonds with young Azusa

Azusa meets Amaki Mitsuki Jurai, a lovely young lady with a very dangerous secret.

Azusa tries to run off with Mitsuki, only to find Seto blocking the way

To everyone's shock, Mitsuki appears at court to defend Azusa

Azusa remembers Mitsuki

Azusa meets Masaki, sister of the First Emperor and founder of House Masaki

Funaho's little sister receives a very special present.

Alone on a strange new world, Funaho discovers a friend

Misaki and Funaho become the best of friends

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